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My Small Bro rocket and it's first flight ever recorded

This is one of my rockets called Small Bro. It's made of one soda bottle, that is the pressure chamber, and one water bottle, used to make the nosecone and the bottom part of the rocket. It don't have parachutes but hopefully it will have soon. I made it one month ago to test my launcher and I'd launched it twice. I didn't record the flights because there were only tests but today I launched it for the third time and I saved some data and recorded the flight. SB-3 flight data Rocket: Small Bro  Dry weight: 100 g Height: 27,5 cm Width: 6,21 cm of diameter and 13,5 cm from one fin to another Water mass: 200 ml Pressure: 40 psi Maximum Altitude: Unknown Maximum Velocity: Unknown

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